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Energy Nevada LLC was formed in October 2003. The mission of Energy Nevada is to grow the Nevada economy through renewable energy, making Nevada energy independent while reducing and stabilizing energy costs. Energy Nevada LLC is part of the Princeton Energy Group

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Wm. Stevens Taber, Jr., Chairman & CEO
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James A. Walker
, President
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Tom Clark
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Princeton Development Corporation
Princeton Development Corporation (PDC) formed Energy Nevada LLC in October 2003 to act as the coordinating entity for the Energy Nevada Project. PDC and Energy Nevada share management team members and goals. Energy Nevada LLC orchestrates all of the development, community outreach and financing activities.

Princeton Development Corporation Overview:
PDC solves energy resource problems while improving environmental sustainability and promoting equitable economic growth. PDC values above all its high standards of business ethics and responsibility. We develop opportunities in niche markets where the resource problems pose especially difficult technical or financial challenges.

PDC brings to every project exceptionally qualified and experienced experts and companies skilled in finding unique resource and business solutions. PDC has an excellent track record and worldwide experience in policy, project finance, management, technical analysis, and marketing of large and small-scale renewable energy, energy efficiency and economic development projects.

The company believes an optimistic environmental and energy future incorporating a renewable energy future is achievable, and indeed inescapable. Ingenuity and intelligent planning will be applied to harness the vast, untapped resources in energy efficiency and renewable energy. In the near future we see these resources dominating consumption growth and soon thereafter all consumption. Whereas fossil and nuclear energy will move to the margins and be used only where other technologies are impractical.

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