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Nevada’s public jurisdictions have a unique opportunity to reduce & stabilize their operating costs and improve the local economy through renewable energy. Energy Nevada helps them achieve this goal through public/private partnerships that put the risk on the private sector.

Nevada possesses a wealth of renewable energy – enough to fully satisfy its own needs and earn perhaps $100 million per year in power exports. Yet, Nevada imports over 50% of its electrical energy at critical peak times, much of it at high and volatile prices.

Having recognized this, The Carson City Economic Vitality Coalition launched the Alternative Energy Working Group consisting of:

Carson City
Carson City School District
Churchill County
Nevada State Office of Energy
Northern Nevada Cities
Northern Nevada Counties
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
Washoe County
Washoe RTC
and others

Through a rigorous RFP process, the Working Group recruited a team of private sector partners to implement the program. Please read this short paper expounding on the Energy Nevada vision.

Energy Nevada will use the local market for renewable power to:
• stabilize and reduce power costs
• bring budget certainty*
• achieve energy independence
• diversify the economy
• generate high-paying jobs

The Alternative Energy Working Group and Energy Nevada created a vision of structured growth where no public funds are required to fuel development. The Energy Nevada program will be self-funding and self-capitalizing, where early project revenues support development of larger projects and cost savings. Energy Nevada will be funded by power revenues and shared savings – not through funds from public sector Partners.

*Renewable energy’s costs are known up front since there are no fuel cost with associated price volatility. Operating costs are fixed as well. Energy efficiency has even higher budget certainty and greater price reductions, since costs are known up front, new technologies provide greater savings, and savings continue for the life of equipment.

The Energy Nevada Partners are a coalition of local public jurisdictions (cities, counties, school districts, state offices, universities, etc.) and Nevada industries. The Partners form a united front for buying renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Energy Nevada Partners pool their buying power to increase their clout in the marketplace. The net effect is to collectively develop energy choices like a very large buyer.

The Energy Nevada development team creates project proposals that the Energy Nevada Partners can evaluate. Project development proceeds with no commitment of funds from the partners and no obligation to accept any projects. This transfers all development risk to the private sector.
This public/private partnership will:
• Accomplish what neither sector can on its own;
• Pool the Partners' buying power to maximize clout in the energy marketplace;
• Create economies of scale for buying energy efficiency, project planning/ engineering, and Nevada-based renewable energy;
• Capitalize on Nevada's educational and technical resources (UNR, DRI, community colleges, K-12, etc.) to tap innovation and technology transfer as a powerful driver of economic growth;
• Create a model for a sustainable regional energy economy.

Energy Nevada Partners are only asked to commit to do new energy and energy efficiency through the Energy Nevada partnership, thereby providing a unified front for development. Partners stay with their current supply arrangements until such time as they find a proposal from the Energy Nevada team attractive. Carson City is the “anchor tenant”; because of the rigorous RFP process, other Nevada public entities can join the Partnership without an RFP*. Energy Nevada will help in the decision-making process through meetings with staff and board members as desired. Industrial and commercial sector Energy Nevada Partners can contract directly with Energy Nevada. The Partnership is administered in a participatory environment by Energy Nevada through monthly meetings, regular reports and communications.

* District Attorneys’ legal opinions confirming the legal structure are available.

On the developers side, Energy Nevada has assembled a world-class team, including experts in project development, policy and economics, power marketing, and technologies. See the Partners section for more details.

Through our increased energy marketplace clout and economies of scale, we will implement projects such as:
• Purchasing energy efficient equipment for Energy Nevada partnerships to save money and time;
• Implementing small, local renewable energy projects or cogeneration to reduce costs through net metering and reduced transmission;
• Developing larger renewable energy projects to reduce costs by selling directly to the partners.
• Energy Nevada has already begun dollar savings analyses for several partners:
– Water system energy-generation for Carson City,
– Load analysis for RTC Washoe,
– Energy efficient street lighting upgrades for Energy Nevada Partner cities & counties,
– and more.


Near-term opportunities for:
• Pooling our buying power for energy efficiency and distributed generation to stabilize and reduce prices.
• Reducing workload on your staff by using Energy Nevada staff to identify and implement cost saving measures,
• Transferring risks (of performance, cost overruns, etc.) to the private sector,

Mid-term opportunities to:

• Stabilize and reduce prices through alternative energy projects,
• Improve energy reliability,
• Participate with Carson City and other local jurisdictions to attract primary industry and strengthen the local economy and enhance the regional reputation.
• Promote energy independence for Nevada.

Educational opportunities for:
• Grant funded renewable energy education: Energy Nevada and partners are seeking grants for development and community involvement, including educational programs,
• Student and classroom opportunities teaching the future energy economy,
• Educational institutions and Energy Nevada to design curricula for the needed renewable energy technical and vocational skills.

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