BluePoint Energy

BluePoint Energy has revolutionized the modern day concept of modular “plug-and-play” cogeneration with its newly introduced Lean-One™ CHP Module. For years, manufacturers have used the term “cogeneration system” to envelope a variety of products encompassing the assembly of a prime mover, a generator, a heat exchanger, and a “dump” radiator. Never before have all of the essential components of state-of-the-art cogeneration been coordinated and engineered to meet the highly demanding commercial power range of 200 kW to 2.5 MW for ultra clean, economic, and highly reliable CHP plug-and-play compatibility in one single, compact, highly sophisticated unit capable of extraordinary command and dispatch functionality. The Lean-One™ CHP Module is not just another genset/heat exchanger system. It is revolutionary. It is ultra-lean. It is ultra-clean. It is here now.

BluePoint Energy products offer a new combustion process to the distributed generation (DG) marketplace. The Lean-One™ CHP Module utilizes a Deutz natural gas “lean-burn” reciprocating engine combined with BPEdeveloped proprietary and patent pending ultra-clean emission technology resulting in leading edge non-ammonia based ultra clean emissions technology. Development of the Lean-One™ CHP Module represents a benchmark in breakthrough technology designed to provide ultra-clean emissions combined with zero loss in engine efficiency. Benefits of this design provide significant cost savings to the host while minimizing environmental impact by reducing harmful pollutants.

The Lean-One™ CHP Module incorporates state-of-the-art technological and emission innovations to the burgeoning DG industry. Lean-One™ stands for “Lean-burn, Lamda value 1”, a process that combines the ultra low emissions capabilities of a stoichiometric-catalyst package with the high efficiency and power density of a lean burn prime mover through the use of an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) design. All of this is achieved without the use of expensive SCR (selective catalyst reduction) systems while maintaining exceptionally high electrical efficiency and package maintenance costs under $01.2 cents per kilowatt hour. In addition, as a consequence of the completely unique plug-and-play capability of the Lean-One™ CHP Module, engineering and installation costs are dramatically reduced as everything needed for installation is included in the Lean-One™ CHP Module sound attenuated enclosure.