Wm. Stevens Taber, Jr., Chairman & CEO

Wm. Stevens Taber, Jr. is a developer of energy efficient buildings and supply and demand side energy resources. He manages the Princeton Energy Group's North American development activities including Energy Nevada. Through his efforts, the Princeton Group has rapidly established itself as a leader in shaping the future of the energy industry, with successful programs throughout its home market in North America as well as in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. His programs have significantly outperformed their financial projections and have won the appreciation of customers, utilities, and environmentalists.

As a project developer, Mr. Taber has successfully completed several major projects and is experienced in all phases of resource development. Mr. Taber has personally arranged complex and innovative financing for his developments, providing the underpinnings for stable operation in good market conditions and bad.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Mr. Taber designed some of the most influential buildings in the world, gaining international recognition for innovation in energy efficiency. Among his projects were multi-family housing, facilities for the elderly, research laboratories, office buildings, wineries, religious buildings, major military installations, and projects in the US National Parks. Mr. Taber's work won national design competitions and served as demonstration projects in energy-efficient design for federal and state governments. Through publications, professional education, and policy initiatives, Mr. Taber's work has influenced the work of countless architects and builders.

Mr. Taber has been a leader in the development of public policy for energy use. As Chairman of the Professional Advisory Group to the California Energy Commission, he won an industry-wide consensus in support of regulations for responsible energy use in buildings. As Committee Chairman of the CC/AIA, Mr. Taber led an influential policy-making activity which called for incentive-based utility programs and internalization of environmental costs, principles which have since become central to national and state energy policy. Mr. Taber was one of the founding principals of the Pacific Energy and Resources Center, a non-profit corporation which has pioneered habitat protection and sound ecosystem management in the former Soviet Union and around the Pacific Rim. He has served as Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee to the California Board for Energy Efficiency, overseeing the administration of US$700 million in public funds for energy efficiency during the transition of the California electric industry to a competitive marketplace.

Mr. Taber studied at Princeton, received the Master of Architecture degree Phi Beta Kappa from U.C. Berkeley, and received an English-Speaking Union Fellowship for study in Great Britain.